Survivor Fantasy League allows you to run your survivor league or office pool with ease! Personal team selections, scores, and the grading system are handled automatically, leaving you free to enjoy playing in your league. To get started, simply sign up to play below.

Registering with is free-of-charge and your information will be kept confidential. Once a member, you will have the opportunity to join an existing league or create a private/public league. If you don't want to commission your own league and don't know any of the existing league commissioners, simply join one of the open public leagues available.

League Configuration Options

If you decide to create your own league, you will establish personalized criteria including:
# of Team Repeats – allows you to determine how many times a specific team can be used during the season
# of Free Passes – allows you to determine how many losing weeks a member can incur before being eliminated from the league
 • Tie-Breaker question – allows you to determine the tie-breaker question to be used after Week #17 of the regular season to declare one winner. Choose from most total points, least total points, team passing yards, team rushing yards, QB passing yards, WR passing yards, or RB rushing yards. All answers are in the form of a number and the closest to the actual statistic wins!

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